Sunday, January 8, 2017

Shifting Priorities

For the past 2 years I've written my blog The GM's Table and while its been great and I hope many of my reader will follow me here I felt it's time for a change. 3 years ago I became a stay at home dad to a very special little girl and while I still run and research games I also am forced into tea parties and changing diapers. About a year ago we got a diagnosis that said just how "special" our girl is and because of that my writing dried up quite a bit. I love games, but its just not all I want to talk about. Don't get me wrong I also don't want to just talk about dad stuff, but the only site was 100% gaming and well I'm not 100% gaming anymore, I'm also a stay at home dad who's learning that being a GM for over a decade might have been best prep for being a parent I could have asked for and that's what The Stay At Home DM is going to be about. Parenting by a gamer, for gamers.

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